Exposing the Industry’s Lies About Cell Phone Radiation

The World Health Organization declared in May, 2011 that cell phone use may cause brain cancer after 10 years for an average use of only 30 minutes per day.

EVERY cell phone sold in the U.S. comes with a government-required safety warning (hidden in the legal fine print that no one reads) that using or carrying a phone directly against the body may expose the user to more microwave radiation than allowed by federal safety limits. (LINK TO “WARNING” ARTICLE)

The cell phone industry exerts powerful influence with their wide spread and intense lobbying of our state and federal elected representatives and regulatory agency officials. They intimidate scientists to manipulate their cell phone exposure research findings to ensure they show no negative health risks. Their well-paid PR firms “spin” the science and provide “whitewashed” press releases to media assuring us that cell phones are safe and those who say otherwise are fear mongers and conspiracy theorists.

Their deception of the American people in the name of corporate profitmaking must stop!

Here are just a few of their lies and the facts they are trying to hide:

LIE:  The majority of studies that have been published in scientific journals around the world show that wireless phones do not pose a health risk.

TRUTH: When one removes the industry-funded studies, the overwhelming weight of the evidence shows there IS a significant health risk from the exposure to microwave radiation emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices.

LIE: If cell phones were causing brain tumors, with so many people using them, we should be seeing an increase in brain tumor incidence, and we are not.

TRUTH: There is a long latency period for brain tumors – from 10 to as long as 50 years. Cell phones have only been widely used in the U.S. for 2 decades. Despite this, a recently released study shows an increase in brain tumors in 3 major cancer registries in the United States. The increase seen is in the frontal and temporal lobes, the 2 regions closest to where a cell phone is typically held.

LIE:  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires testing of all cell phones to ensure they do not exceed the federal exposure standard; the FCC declares that phones complying with this standard are safe.

TRUTH: FCC requires testing to ensure cell phones meet the federal exposure standard, but the exposure standard used is set so high that it only takes into account the tissue burning effect of the microwave radiation. Hundreds of published studies show health effects that cause reduced fertility, cardiac incidents, anxiety, insomnia, reduced concentration, exhaustion, DNA damage and increased risk of ADHD in children AT LEVELS THOUSANDS OF TIMES BELOW THE FCC STANDARD.

LIE: The FCC’s exposure standard protects even children from the emissions from cell phones.

TRUTH: Children’s brains absorb up to 2 times as much microwave radiation from cell phones as adult brains; the FCC standard does NOT protect children and most teens as their exposure standard is based upon an enormous 220 pound, 6’2” man. (Link to FCC Testing Dummy article)

LIE: The World Health Organization, National Cancer Institute, and American Cancer Society all declare that cell phones are safe.

TRUTH: These agencies do NOT declare that cell phones are safe. In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified cell phone radiation exposure as a 2B carcinogen placing it in the same health risk category as lead and DDT. NCI’s website states, “More research is needed because cell phone technology and how people use cell phones have been changing rapidly.” And, from the ACS website, “It is important that the possible risk of cell phone exposure continue to be researched using strong study methods, especially with regard to use by children and longer term use.”


  • According to a 2011 Pew Research report, 66% of all U.S. children acquire a cell phone before the age of 7 and 87% of teens sleep with them under their pillows while connected to the network emitting microwave radiation into their heads throughout the night.
  • 2012 Government Accountability Office (GAO) study concluded, “Some consumers may use mobile phones against the body, which FCC does not currently test, and could result in RF energy exposure higher than the FCC limit.”

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