I am a cell phone consumer safety advocate and FCC regulatory watchdog.  This work began over 3 years ago when I discovered that there was an FCC-required consumer radiation warning for my BlackBerry Pearl hidden in technical fine print on the manufacturer’s website.  I was never supposed to be wearing or carrying my phone closer than 1″ from my body.  The warning implied that to carry it in a pocket against my body when connected to a network could expose me to radiation many times greater than the maximum federal safety limit.  This industry-wide, deceptive practice of hiding the consumer safety warning (with CTIA’s knowledge) is ignored by the FCC.   Additionally, I have uncovered cases of bunglings and incompetence on the part of the federal officials who are supposed to ensure that cell phone radiation is safe for all US consumers.

I am committed to exposing these truths in a factual (albeit emotional and outraged) manner and will continue to write articles, email federal regulatory officials and pursue legal actions until FCC testing procedures are modified AND until the cell phone industry complies with the FCC requirement to inform consumers about radiation safety guidelines as they are legally required to do.

By the way, we are ALL lab rats in the global experiment to determine if cell phone radiation is safe.  Hopefully, the long term results will validate that the industry/CTIA, the FCC and the “tin foil hat” skeptics are correct in their hypothesis!

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