It’s always handy, and great for going on a run……

However, this way of carrying a phone is a violation of the manufacturers’ consumer safety warnings….AND, it may actually cause tumors at the site where the phone’s antenna rests against the breast tissues.

In spite of the warnings in all user manuals to never carry or use a cell phone directly against the body, there is a frightening trend among women to carry their cell phones in their bras.

Please watch this You Tube video called, “Cell Phones and Breast Cancer”, and decide for yourself:

(NOTE: Men are also at risk for breast cancer when carrying their cell phones in their shirt pockets, as the physician in the video warns.)

Read the safety warning in your user manual (typically found in the section on FCC radio frequency compliance) about never carrying or making a call with the phone directly against your body.   The cell phone industry warns you to NEVER carry or use a phone on your body or you will be exposed to radiation that may exceed the federal safety limit!   The warning is hidden in the fine print of your user manual, but it IS in there!!




“We’re all lab rats in the cell phone industry’s global experiment to prove that their products really DON’T have the negative health impacts that physicians and scientists throughout the world are warning us about.  Who do YOU believe?”  Cynthia Franklin,  Consumers for Safe Cell Phones


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