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Currently, due to the FCC’s 16 year old obsolete and inadequate testing procedures, all cell phone users, especially children and the fetuses of pregnant women, are exposed to potentially dangerous levels of microwave radiation that can exceed the federal safety limit.

1.  Inform yourself about the facts related to cell phone safety.  Access information from reputable, independent sources such as Environmental Health Trust and Environmental Working Group.  Don’t accept what you hear from industry or the scientists and governmental officials and agencies whose studies and statements they “buy” with their powerful political influence and billions of $$ in annual profits.

2.  Share information on Facebook, email, etc. to spread the word, especially among parents of small children, pregnant women and young people who are at greatest risk from the health effects of microwave radiation exposure.

3. Support our efforts to tell more people the truth about the potential health risks from cell phone radiation.  Our work also involves exposing the wireless industry’s deceptive methods of hiding crucial consumer safety information in the interest of profit.  Your financial support will help us to demand that the FCC tests cell phones the way they are being designed and marketed by industry – directly against the body, in pockets, tucked into bras and waistbands.

Please consider making a contribution to ensure we can continue this work:

Consumers for Safe Cell Phones is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.

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